SINE TAMER – Lightning & Power Surge Protection Device


The SineTamer© LA series of units blends outstanding high-energy “impulse” suppression with unsurpassed “ring-wave” transient protection utilizing our Frequency Attenuation Network®, intended for general purpose and sensitive/critical load applications, this is the only SPD in the market with 10 modes protection & the lowest Let-through voltage. The LA-ST60 is extremely effective in limiting internally generated transients and is an absolute must on panels feeding office locations and/or microprocessor-based equipment.

Maintenance Free Operation. 20 Year Unlimited Free Replacement Warranty.

RM9,350.00 RM11,000.00

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Circuit Design: Parallel connected, internally fused, hybrid design incorporating discrete all mode protection (10 modes for 3 phase wye units*) and utilizing our encapsulated design to provide improved durability. All suppression circuits are encapsulated in our exclusive compound to assure long component life and complete protection from the environment and/or vibration.

Protection Modes: Dedicated protection components and circuitry for each mode. Discrete L-N, L-L (Normal Mode), and Discrete L-G, N-G (Common Mode). 10 modes / 3 phase wye system.

Max Operating Current: 600A VAC

Max Operating Voltage: 475 VAC

Fusing:  Component Level Thermal and Board Level Current Fusing

kAIC Rating: 200 kAIC

Product Qualifications:Listed to ANSI/UL 1449-2006 (3rd Edition) by CSA (CSA MC#241804); UL1283* and CE Compliant (* Type 2 SPDs only) ISO 9001:2000, ANSI C62.72-2007, IEC 61643-1 Class 2&3

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